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At Mullen’s Miracles, we have walked this path of suicide crisis and loss ourselves and are here to help you. We understand the challenges that suicides bring to family and friends and are passionate about helping others.

Our Mission




Our mission is simple: to save lives. There are so many ways you can help us achieve this. We promote mental wellness and suicide prevention through education, advocacy, and unwavering support, because we believe every life is invaluable.

Our Vision

Ensureno onefeels alone

We envision a world where compassion and understanding prevail. We strive to amplify the voices of those affected by suicide, advocate for policy changes, and drive greater understanding and support for mental health.

The Highlights

What We’veAchieved Together

In the short time Mullen’s Miracles has been established, we’ve helped save 5 lives through Eric’s organ donation, raised more than $120k for suicide prevention and awareness, and completed QPR Gatekeeper Instructor Training for Kathy to be able to train others. We’re just getting started.

This Year’s Goals

Grow Our Team

We’re excited to be in a place where we can start expanding our team to make an even bigger impact. We’re hoping to add even more volunteers, partners, and board members this year. Interested? Reach out!

Grow Our Network of QPR-Certified Gatekeepers

Kathy underwent training to become a certified instructor to grow our network of Gatekeepers and educate others on action to take for suicide prevention. A portion of every donation helps cover training costs. Sign up or donate today!

Grow Our Online Community

Our free online community officially launched in 2023 with the goal to combat social isolation and create a compassionate environment that supports positive mental health. Our hope is to add 1,000 new members to our online community this year. Click here to sign up today.

Grow Our Online Community

Continue Research to Increase Our Impact

We’ve accomplished a lot, but we’re far from being done. We will continue adding programs, activities, and events supporting others in their fight to live a healthier life. Have an idea? Reach out to us!

We’re Better Together

Join Our Community

Our free online community was created from Kathy’s personal experience with the ‘gaps’ she faced when searching for support and answers in suicide prevention. Mental health situations are time-sensitive. Kathy realized it takes a safe and positive community to help each other save lives.

Get Involved

Whether you provide support by joining a community, sharing your story, volunteering, or donating, every little bit of help makes a difference. Reach out if you have an idea to help!

Get Involved

Find Support

When it comes to suicide prevention, time is of the essence. Our goal is to help you quickly access the resources or help you need through our Resources page.

Find Support
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